worryingly jolly batman (labellementeuse) wrote in bic_runga_love,
worryingly jolly batman

The August/September acoustic tour of the UK, Ireland and Paris dates have just been announced over at bicrunga.com; also, don't forget she's supporting James Blunt through July.

Also! Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 August, she will be playing at Largo bar in Los Angeles- yes, folks, that's an American date!

Aaaaand there are numerous Australian dates from the 27th of July to the 12th or so of August, so anyone there (especially cities, probably) should also check those dates!

Man, Bic. Come home to us!

In non-concert related news: the Birds Special Edition CD & DVD is out! Details here, but briefly: the bonus tracks are Somewhere in the Night and Something's Gotta Hold Of My Heart and the DVD contains 5 songs from the Civic concert plus music videos for Winning Arrow and Say After Me. I'm a little disappointed we don't get a whole extra CD of music ;) (my favourite tracks are invariably B-sides and extras), but I'm excited for the DVD content... am going to check it out ASAP!
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