worryingly jolly batman (labellementeuse) wrote in bic_runga_love,
worryingly jolly batman


Hey gang,

I just uploaded a bunch of B-sides and raretracks for a friend, because they can be very hard to find legally, especially overseas. The post is here, you're all welcome to pop over if you want. Megaupload so they shouldn't expire, but if anyone has any problems please say so.
Tags: uploads
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Woah, never used megaupload before - much better than yousendit!

Thanks, I downloaded the Ashes to Ashes cover, because I'd accidently deleted the one I had on my computer.

Some people may have issues with your post, though.
Yeah, it's good because links don't expire, although I find upload is a little slower.

We-ell, I normally would as well. But I live in NZ and I have all my life, I own multiple copies of everything except Birds (and I'm planning on getting the Coll. Ed. of that as long as they do one), I go to concerts, I support her as much as I possibly can on a student budget...

... and most of these I was totally unable to find legally because the CDs just aren't available anymore. I certainly wouldn't post anything from Birds or any of the other albums and I haven't put the covers from the Live with the CSO up... so I feel not too bad. I may flock it after a few weeks, though.
I'm the mod here and I don't have any problem with it! Go right ahead...any exposure for Bic is good publicity...casual fans who stumble upon these uploads may like what they here and then look to buying her back catalogue
That's a relief. ;)