Brianna (pfctdayelise) wrote in bic_runga_love,


Hello... I just discovered this community. And what good news to discover there's a new album on the way! :D

I saw Bic in Melbourne, by myself, not long after the release of "Beautiful Collision". She is sublime. I took that disc to China with me when I went there on exchange for six months, and converted my roommate (a fellow Aussie) and a French girl to her music. :D

I have a bit of a query. Is there any reason Bic doesn't have a song on the recent Tim & Neil Finn tribute album, "She will have her way" (covers by Aus & NZ female musicians)? Stellar* even have one - "Persuasion" (Tim Finn). Her exclusion seems REALLY odd to me, especially when people like Amiel and Natalie Imbruglia are included. (I mean, why not Kylie?) It's not as if she's not a fan of them - she was recently touring with them, wasn't she?

Basically, I'm just bitching 'cause hearing the combination of Bic Runga and Finn-ness would possibly be the musicial highlight of my life.

Has anyone ever heard her cover a Tim/Neil/Crowdies/Split Enz song?

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